The Best Choice out of all Band Saw Accessories

Ceramic Band Saw Guide Blocks

The question that we get all the time is “do these guides actually work?” Here is what we have seen online to be true from people that have used them.

  1. People agree that ceramic guides are better for cutting green wood as they don’t accumulate dust or sap like bearing guides do.
  2. Ceramic Band Saw guides don’t wear out easily. They are durable.
  3. Ceramic guides support your blade very well compared to others.
  4. The best bandsaw blade guides are ceramic guides.
  5. The ceramic guides dampen blade vibration, making your blade last longer. In fact, up to 50% longer.
  6. Ceramic guides help with curve cutting as they are great at holding the blade in place while you make the curve.
  7. Ceramic guide blocks are often less expensive than steel and considerably less than roller bearing assembly guides.
  8. Because they don’t wear, once the guides are set they never need re-adjusting.
  9. They can be set very close to the blade, the only limit being how smooth the weld is.  No other guide system stands up to the blade stability of ceramic guides.
  10. Ceramic guides are the ideal band saw accessory for band saws with larger blades.


More examples of people preferring ceramic guides for their bandsaws.


While this forum post is actually about “cool blocks,” which are made from graphite, people recommend using ceramic blocks rather than using cool blocks.


Here in this forum post a guy says that ceramic guide blocks are his best option.


Its clear that people prefer bandsaw guides to other guides. There are still those people who stick to steel, graphite, or bearings, but ceramic guide blocks are taking the market by storm as they are the ultimate material to use as they don’t heat up, are more efficient, are quiet, and they last longer.


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