Bunzl Processor Division

Bunzl is a leader in the food processing and food packaging industries, providing plant maintenance and operating supplies to over 25,000 customers in North America.  In addition, they offer value-added service to help customers achieve the business results they are looking for.

The Bunzl Group of companies began as a small haberdashery in 19th century Europe. In the 1880s the business was based in Vienna, Austria, and over the next half century, it grew to become a significant paper manufacturing and trading group that spanned much of Europe. Company headquarters were relocated to London, England in the years preceding World War II. After the War, the company began focusing on developing a worldwide group of companies in the paper industries.

Today, Bunzl is a focused international company providing outsourcing solutions and value-added distribution. With sales over $5 billion, Bunzl provides efficient service to business customers worldwide from 15 countries.

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