Band Saw Guides – The Best Choice

Band saw guides come in many different forms, including phenolic, steel, plastic and oil impregnated wood but one of the most versatile band saw guides out there are made of ceramics. Ceramic is a great material that complements your band saw’s performance and improves the end result of your sawing efforts.

Our Band Saw Guides

At SpaceAge Ceramics, LLC we make many different sizes and shapes of ceramic guide blocks to fit numerous brands of bandsaws.  If you need a certain size not listed on our bandsaw guide product list, let us know and we may be able to help you.  Possible brands we provide guide blocks for are: Delta, Jet, Inca, AEW, Craftsman, Sears, Grizzly, Reliant, Rikon, Ryobi, Shopsmith, plus many others .

Band Saw Guide Advantages

Our ceramic guide blocks have many advantages over other types of guide blocks. A few advantages of using ceramic band saw guides are enhanced safety, no sap build up, improved blade support, and quality construction.  Our patented Ceramic guide blocks are almost as hard as industrial diamonds and are extremely smooth.  The guide blocks to saw blade has a tolerance of + or – .005”, improving accuracy.  And they don’t conduct heat so they eliminate heat build-up, increasing the longevity of your blades.  In fact, our customers tell us that their band saw blades last up to 40% longer.  If you are a hobbyist you can almost be assured that the SpaceAge Ceramic Guide Blocks and Thrust Bearings will be the last ones you need to purchase.  Check out this article to read about the advantages.

Cool Blocks Vs Ceramic Guide Blocks

For those that are wondering the difference between Cool Blocks and SpaceAge Ceramic Guide Blocks, here are a few of the differences: What is the Difference? Cool Blocks are made out of graphite impregnated phenolic resin laminate. Ceramic Guide Blocks are made of aluminum oxide powder that has been compressed into shape under  tremendous pressure,Continue Reading

Bandsaw Blade Guide Blocks

Why are ceramic bandsaw blade guides better? Ceramic band saw guides are unique and revolutionary and are much better than phenolic, metal or wood blade guides because ceramic doesn’t conduct heat like other materials do. As a result, ceramics last longer. They stabilize the band saw blade better Ceramic guides actually touch the bandsaw bladeContinue Reading

The Best Choice out of all Band Saw Accessories

Ceramic Band Saw Guide Blocks The question that we get all the time is “do these guides actually work?” Here is what we have seen online to be true from people that have used them. People agree that ceramic guides are better for cutting green wood as they don’t accumulate dust or sap like bearingContinue Reading